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Remove Losthfmix

Robert Gould


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I don't think this is an infection. When a burned audio CD is first inserted in the Mac, the Mac searches an online database (known as Gracenote and CDDB) to find if there is information about a CD that has the same number of tracks and track lengths as the one you inserted. When there is a match the information in the database is downloaded to the Mac's cdinfo database file and shows as the disc's album and track info. The way to change misinformation is to select the tracks in iTunes, choose Get Info and then enter the correct information. This replaces the misinformation in the cdinfo database. Of course, when you insert the CD in a different computer it also will download the wrong information.


Toast writes CD Text to audio CDs but Macs don't read CD Text. At dougscripts.com there is a CD Text to cdinfo applescript that can automate the process of correcting the misinformation via the iTunes Scripts menu.

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