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"burn" To A Flash Drive



Hi All,


I have created a Data Project > Mac & PC. I've added files and have unchecked files that need to be hidden for Mac and PC. I have saved this project as an image. Instead of burning this to a CD, I want a flash or thumb drive to act as a CD. There is no way to burn to a drive.


What I have tried is to erase a thumb drive and format as Fat32 - since both Macs and PCs will read this. Using Disk Utility, I restore from the saved image file to the thumb drive.


When I insert the thumb drive into a Mac it works as expected. When I insert into a PC I am told that I need to format the drive. I have verified that the thumb drive is still Fat32.


Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to make this happen?


TIA - Vijay

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Up Front!!!


I do not know MAC so it follows that I do not know Toast -_-


If this is a "Data Project" as you contend, then you merely copy the files to the Thumb Drive...


I have a relative who has gone over to the Dark Side (MAC's) and when we exchange things I use a Thumb drive that HE formated on his MAC. Works every time for us ;)


Still, if one would want to Burn a DVD on a thumb drive you don't really "burn" the project there...


Instead, you want to create the DVD Movie Folders ~ this is where I don't know if you can in Toast, but I suspect it is an option... IF not, burn a DVD RW which you can erase and reuse.


To get it on the thumb drive, merely copy the VIDEO_TS folder over to the thumb drive.


To Play, Browse to that folder and the Player should be happy with that :)

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So your goal is that the files which are platform-specific are only seen by that platform. I don't think that's possible on a hard drive. On a disc the content is on two differently formatted volumes, whereas on a hard drive the volume has just one format. Maybe a drive can be partitioned with one formatted in HFS+ and the other in FAT32 (and I don't know if that is possible), but the Mac will see both in any case.

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