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My Game Is Laggy And Wont Record At 1080P


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well firstly... i would advise you to post your specs, it could be a matter of cpu usage as its the same with me, my computer can not handle 1080p recording, also have you tried actually recording the gameplay then playing it back? sometimes the capture process will lag but when its actually capture all is fine.


If you getting lag then take it down to 720p and if your still getting lag take the bit rate down. if you do not get any problems at 720p then it would obviously mean that your computer can not handle the strain at 1080p.


i am having to record at 720p - 8000 bit rate. any higher and my videos lag.


As i say. post your computer specs in a reply then someone can help you in a bit more detail.

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dear Roxio or someone please tell me how to record in 1080p or make the gameplay not as laggy this crap sucks I feel like I have been ripped off


Dear JMorrGaming,


it would help if you were to explain what software you are using and also what problems you are having instead of just dumping on the sotware and claiming to have been ripped off and other nonsense.


BTW, this is not Roxio!

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