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Connecting To A Monitor!



ok guys so as you know i will be doing a PC Build, and i am looking at getting 2 monitors hooked up to the PC with a 3rd being for a extra monitor but also able to play xbox on, so the question is my current setup is xbox to the roxio through component, then hdmi coming out of roxio to tv, but how would i be able to do that with a monitor?


any help would be highly appreciated as always, also help on how i could connect all 3 monitors to the pc would help? would i need to get 3 graphics cars, or is there a way around it? as i say, 2 of them will be just for internet things, multitasking, but one of them will be for gaming on with xbox 360 and maybe use for editing in videowave!


Thanks Hazard!

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IF they have DVI input, go with that. Now this can prove interesting but there are HDMI to DVI adapters.


The Interesting part comes in when you realize there a 5 DVI "standards" :huh:


I got lucky and the first adapter I bought, worked! But if you look around many here are still fighting the problem :(


There is another Topic here where a user has an HDMI to VGA adapter LINK but he is having some issues with that but I think it will work if he follows the suggestion ;)

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Ok, but the minute that the signal hits either the VGA or DVI it would no longer pass through the sound signal right? this is why im thinking just go get a different monitor with HDMI.


i have enough problems with the PC build let alone a silly monitor ;)

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No wizards here...



(guy must live in Colorado and is taking advantage of the new law


According to my testing, your current setup couldn't possibly work!


When I wrestled with that wiring octopus I came to these conclusion:


Pass through works like this:


Component == Component OR HDMI


But you claim you have HDMI IN and Component OUT???

(are you really sure that is your setup?)


Not sure if I follow your need to have 3 monitors? If the one is for Xbox Play just connect it to the RGC Device pass through.


IF there are times when you only want to Play without the PC on (required for pass through to work) then why not put an HDMI splitter between your Xbox and the RGC Device? This way your 'Play' Monitor will always have a signal ;)

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Third monitor is not excessive. I have 3 at work, and am trying to work out how to get more.


I think the solution is to make sure at least one of the monitors, in addition to the normal VGA and DVI inputs, also has either Component or HDMI. I just looked on Newegg, and it appears that having an HDMI input is pretty common now.

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ok, to save confusion lets forget about the other 2 monitors, i kind of know what im doing with them now anyway as i am only going to connect to 2 up to the PC. i will do them both via VGA :)


So lets focus more on the 3rd, the 3rd now well not be connected to the PC it will just be there as a TV for my Xbox, reason i want it as a monitor is i want all 3 of them the same model and make, just for my purposes of them all look equal so to speak. So let me first tell you again the setup i have currently with my tv.


Xbox 360 >> Component Cable >> Input of Roxio device.


Roxio device Output >> HDMI Cable >> 42'' TV


that works fine, but if i was to replace the TV for this monitor how would i work around it via VGA? The monitors i want do not have HDMI inputs just because i wanted to keep the price on all 3 down as much as i could. The monitors have DVi and VGA inputs. If i was to go ''Roxio Device Out >> HDMI >> VGA adapter >> Monitor'' would that work? would the roxio still work as such and give me display?

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I see no reason why having the connections you describe shouldn't work.


I just did some more looking at monitors, and I limited the search to those with 1920x1080 resolution, and HDMI inputs, and yes, they do run a about $15-$30 more than similar monitors without an HDMI input, but you're going to need a $15-$30 HDMI-VGA adapter... I'd be tempted to get two cheaper, non-HDMI monitors, and one with an HDMI input of the same "size" and figure they're "close enough", and not have to worry about an extra piece of hardware. But, esthetics hold different levels of importance to different people.

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yeah i guess your right there, i agree, its just me and my weird symptoms of having EVERYTHING equal :lol:


ALSO if i was to do it via VGA i would have trouble with sound which i would then have to buy more hardware for <_< your way sounds a much better idea.


i have 2 monitors that im looking at $79 each, 720p 5ms response time, samsung. that will do for computer side of things. now to find a monitor at 1080p with HDMI port :D

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