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Really first mention about this has been 2 years ago, and still no solution?


Or did Roxio never asked any info from customers?


Let me give some HINT: It happens ALWAYS (does not matter which computer you are using, I tested it with 3 different laptops, always same result) when you select PAL and widescreen. No problems with 4:3. But select PAL and widescreen, add video, some pictures, sound, text and result is always same = green line. First i thought that this is youtube problem. But no, other sites (VEVO, dailymotion, facebook) or any other file format gets same result all the time. Bottom green line. And it happens only with Roxio. After 1 year I gave up and started use other video editors - no problems with them - no green lines. But same time when you look around you see roxio users still complaining about green line.

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The product has not even been out as long as you claim :huh:


It only came out in November of 2012 so it won't reach 2 years of age until November of 2014, which is still about 9 months away...


There really is not any need to do all that, as the last post had a link to the solution.


In case you missed it it is HERE -_-

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