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No Signal And Device Not Connected


Hello, So i bought my roxio about a year ago and It was amazing :) but i stopped using for about 3-5 months and i got a new PC over that time. So i popped in my disc and nothing came up theres no scratches or anything and my pc is a gaming one so it has the right disk reader :P and i have my serial key to. So i was forced to look online for a download of the Program and i finally got one :). So i installed it Then plugged in my Roxio But it says there is no signal and theres no device connected.


So i looked online and i download the drives and rebooted my pc (With the roxio out) and nothing so i was wondering if you could help me.


Also i have W8







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First, please verify which version you have http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/game-capture/console/overview.html


You original disc should work fine on your new computer, so there was no need to download anything. What is strange is Roxio does not have a downloaded version for either the program or the drivers on line. So were did you get yours from, can you provide a link?


Whatever you downloaded has screwed everything up.


Try copying the original disc onto you computer and installing from there.

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Google is your friend.....type in "copy a dvd to computer".

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