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Help Please. Blurry When Recording. Complete Setup Described



I recently purchased the roxio HD capture card to be used on VGA Monitor. My setup consists of my 22" Samsung 5ms LED monitor


There is only a VGA input on the back of the monitor. I then have a 1x2 VGA splitter coming out the monitor. On one end of the splitter, i have my xbox 360 HD VGA AV Cable + RCA to 3.5MM adapter and on the other end I have a VGA cord running to my VGA to HDMI splitter.


I then have an HDMI cord running from the VGA to HDMI splitter to the input on my Roxio HD. I also have an HDMI running from the output of the Roxio to my PC.


I understand this is a crazy setup but I think it should work. My issue is that whenever I record, i get blurry quality as well as horizontal lines across the screen. Also, the position of the screen is off a bit. I've tried numerous solutions but can't seem to find any that work. Any help would be appreciated.


PC specs: first gen i7 quadcore, ATI Radeon 5600 series (i think)


I've also tried running a VGA to HDMI cord from one end of my VGA splitter to the Roxio but it was giving me no signal. I've uninstalled the roxio software completely using the Revo unistaller and then reinstalled but still had the same issue.


I tried to upload a video but for some reason "I'm not permitted"

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With all the splitters and different cords you have set up its hard to figure out what's going on.


I suggest you hook up the Xbox the standard way, as shown in the Set Up guide.




Once you get that up and working, you can then try your different configurations and devices.

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