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Recreating Dvds From Improperly Formatted Dvds


I received a set of family movies copied to DVD. They do not play in my DVD player. My computer shows the DVD file structure as follows.



Family Videos 1 (folder)


Temporary Burn Folder




VIDEO_TS contains 3 VLC video files, 3 BUP files and 7 VOB files.



VIDEO_TS.VOB, VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, VTS_01_3.VOB, VTS_02_1.VOB, VTS_02_2.VOB, VTS_02_3.VOB


I expect that this means that there are two chapters containing movies.

I also suspect that the VIDEO_TS folder should be the root of the DVD.


Is there a tutorial that explains this?

Can I just copy these files onto a blank DVD?

I am using Roxio Creator DE v9 on Windows Vista.

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Hello Joe,


Yes, the root of a Video-DVD must have a folder VIDEO_TS containing those files you have listed.

It may also have an AUDIO_TS folder, but that's not necessary. In fact I've yet to see a player or application which uses the Audio_TS folder.


I don't know of a tutorial which explains these things. I had to pick them up as I went.



There are probably several ways to do what you want, but with Easy Media Creator 9 I've always used Creator Classic to just copy the VIDEO_TS folder onto a data disc. I don't think that the DELL edition has Creator Classic, so you should use Data > Data Disc.


Copy your VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive, and then just drag it into the Data Disc project window like this




After burning, the disc should be recognized in Tools > Disc Information as a DVD-Video disc, like this





That disc should play as a normal DVD-Video.




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