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Divx-to-dvd Creator, Converting Vob Files



Parts of an existing video in a VIDEO_TS folder on a DVD disc or on the hard drive can be reused in a new project in DivX-to-DVD. VOB files in those folders can be used as input because they contain both video and audio content. The procedure gets a little tricky though because of the way DivX-to-DVD handles them.


Files in those folders are arranged in groups for each title in the video. If there is more than one title, you will have to play some of the individual VOBs to find which title set(s) you want to convert. They will have names such as VTS_0m_n.VOB where 'm' is a number assigned to a title set and 'n' is a sequenced number for the VOB files in that set. You usually only need to convert files having n > 0 (ignore those with n = 0 if any exist).


When the first VOB in a set is added as input, DivX-to-DVD automatically includes all of them. However, it doesn't convert the last one for some reason, so the last one must be added separately as input in order to include it in the conversion.


If there is only one file in the set, again ignoring n = 0, just add it on the Source line in DivXtoDVD.


For more than one file in the set, add the first one - this will include all but the last file in the conversion. To include the last one, copy it to its own folder on the hard drive and rename it to VTS_0m_1.VOB. Then add the renamed file to the Source line.


Repeat for each title set you want to convert.

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