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My Monitor Doesnt Show Anything ?!



First off all sorry for my bad english.


Since this week I got my Roxio gamecap HD. Everything works perfectly almost than.

So I plugged in every cable installed the software ok..


But I have an frustating issue



This is my setup INPUT: Xbox 360 > HDMI to HDMI > RGCP



So the problem is my monitor shows black for an reason. Monitor get a signal from roxio I can see that cus of the green light on my monitor.

But when I switch to my PC the roxio program shows my xbox screen! But my monitor not this irritates me.

But without the roxio and if I plug my xbox direct to my monitor it will show up.




I was looking earlier on the internet how to fix this issue. They said to change the resolution from 1080p to 720p I did it. Still blackscreen :S

I tried every resolution on my xbox still no result.

seriously I cant find the problem.


If u guys wondering my monitor is Benq GL 2450 (No HDMI)



I hope you guys understand me very well.

I thank you guys for youre attention :)

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The Roxio HDMI output from the RGC Device includes HDCP , and some users report it is an issue


A workaround that might work is to place an HDMI Splitter BETWEEN the Xbox and the RGC


Then use one HDMI output to the RGC and the other HDMI to your Monitor using the HDMI-DVI adapter.


HDMI splitters are cheap. Here is one example http://ca.cellphones...7MgodThEAuQÂ Â




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No I am not sure.


It would appear that the HDMI to DVI adaptor is not passing the HDCP that the RGC is adding. That same adapter works fine when you connect it directly to the monitor. Using the HDMI splitter is the cheapest way to go.


As a quick test, use a small portable HD (hdmi input)TV (borrow one if you have to) and connect it to the RGC unit OR does your monitor on your PC have a HDMI input.


Whenever you add in adapters/converters/splitters there is a very good chance something will not work ;)

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Ok thanks for youre help man :D


Try doing a search on the internet for " hdmi to dvi hdcp adapter" in your Country.


This is what you are looking for http://www.newegg.ca...0140228000359:s scroll down to the page and look under specifications and it will say fully HDCP compliant


The one above is a reasonable price, maybe you can find one over there....its worth a shot.

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