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...successfully Burn Blu Ray? Average Bit Rate? Maximum Bit Rate?


I write from Italy, sorry for my english!


I own Toast 11 Titanium and Blu-Ray and HD plugins.

I burned a video .mkv with these characteristics as:


Video AVC/H.264, 1920x1080, 23.98 fps, audio, DTS 5.1, 48000 Hz


The encoding settings Toast were these:


Video Format MPEG-4 AVC;


Average Bit Rate: 9 Mbps;

Maximum Bit Rate: 26 Mbps;


Rating motion: "Great";


Recoding: "Automatically";

Dominance of the field: "Automatically";

Filmmaker: "Automatically".


Unfortunately, after I burned to Blu Ray, you see "jerky", the video is not smooth! :angry:


What settings "personalized" I have to set the encoding of Toast?

The error is in average and maximum bit rate that I set?


That the correct value of Average Bit Rate?

That the correct value of Maximum bit rate?


Rating motion: Half "PEL" or "excellent"?

"Recoding", "field dominance" and "Ratio"?


Please help me, thank you! :(



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Your maximum bit rate could be causing the problem but I don't have enough experience with HD bit rates to know when the player could have trouble keeping up.

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