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Blur And Slowly Sharpen


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I think it's just called a blur effect. You can do it in VW like this.


Add the clip that you want to have the effect on to the timeline.


Then go to the Effects Selector panel, click on the Video Effects tab and drag one of the Blur effects to the Fx track under your clip, so that it lines up with where you want the effect to be.


Then double click on the blur effect in the timeline to open the effects settings.


Click on the Keyframeable Settings button (the one with 3 red dots on it) to open the keyframe editor.


Notice the first keyframe is set for you. In the Timeline, drag the current time indicator to where you want the effect to end (use the jog wheel to fine tune).


In the Keyframe editor, click the Add Keyframe Here button. Set the Effect Value slider to 0 (zero).


You can also now adjust either keyframe by clicking on the number of that keyframe and adjust the value slider (and/or add more keyframes)


Here is a video to illustrate the above (no audio).



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