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One Second Of Recorded Video

devy dev


I work in a large game studio. Our IT department saw it fit to invest in ROXIO Game Capture HD Pro's for everyone.

I can't tell you the amount of frustration these things have caused for us, but I'm hoping to relieve some of the company-wide stress by getting some answers.


The most-commonly experienced problem is that you "start capture" and then status says "recording" but it really only captures about a half second of video, but the status says its still recording, even though it is not.


Sometimes it will capture fine for awhile, then just lose its signal for no apparent reason.


Often hitting the "stop capture" button will cause the software to freeze up, then crash.


Up until today I had the one remaining capture card that would function moderately dependably. That was until I installed the recommend new update for February 2014. Now I am experiencing a myriad of issues, mostly the capturing of a second of video.


I'm hoping someone out there in Roxio land can help us out. We are running this on fairly new equipment, all which meets or exceed minimum requirements.

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I really can't understand some of these issues???


I have installed this on 4 systems for testing and have yet to have A SINGLE issue :huh:


In fact I am capturing on a new PC right now with Win 8.1 and even did 2 that are way below spec :wacko:


But I suspect in your environment you did not leave these great PC's alone and had to fiddle with the settings to make them better... ;)


Try this - uninstall your Video Software for your card.


Uninstall Roxio.


Make sure your CPU is NOT overclocked.


Reboot and install your Video Software but take the defaults!


Install Roxio.


Let us know.

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