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Disappointed In Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro



what I found on amazon. Don't ever get this product EVER. ITs a waste of money

I paid $12 for a Sabrent Easycap USB adapter. It only captures in 480i, and though it has some quirks, it was easy to set up and use. Unfortunately, it was quickly becoming outdated and I needed to upgrade to something that captures in HD.


For the $120 I spent on the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, I have been met with a never-ending litany of frustration. Let's take it from the top:


- The device comes with absolutely NO install instructions, only a fold-out pamphlet describing how the device cannot capture video from the Playstation 3 over HDMI.


- The device only outputs to Roxio's Videowave software. If you use Dscaler, AmarecTV, VirtualDub, or anything else to capture video, it will not work.


- The Videowave capture software itself is sluggish and bloated. It slows down my entire system while its open, has trouble remembering what options you've set up, and occasionally acts under its own influence without any input from the user. I've had it change inputs from 720p to 480p in the middle of a recording, even though my hands were nowhere near the keyboard.


- The M2TS files this device outputs cannot be used in most popular video editing programs (like Sony Vegas). I am an advanced video producer and I spent three days trying to figure out how to make these M2TS files usable and none of the solutions I found online are practical.


- Sometimes, the M2TS files recorded with the device become corrupted and are even MORE impractical to convert to a usable format (expect 4+ hours of video transcoding for 15 minutes of footage).


- Roxio offers very little tech support for the device; what tech support they DO offer they will eventually attempt to charge you for. Free tech support is provided by their community support forums, but those are dominated by rude, frequently clueless people who are of little help.


- Though Roxio claims this device can stream to Twitch.tv, the actual implementation in the Videowave software is years out of date and is more likely to freeze and become unusable. Roxio's OFFICIAL SOLUTION is to AVOID their built-in streaming software and use a convoluted set up of screen capture tools to feed the footage in to a separate piece of software called "Open Broadcaster".


- There's no polite way to say it: Component video passthrough is garbage. The signal coming back out of the Roxio is dark, quiet, and full of line noise. This can be worked around by using HDMI, but that doesn't actually solve the problem of sometimes having to use component cables.


I'm shocked, disappointed, and sad. I had an inkling about the poor reputation this hardware had, and it exceeded every expectation for the worse. Avoid purchasing it unless you absolutely have no other choice. I will most likely be seeking a refund at the nearest possible convenience

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