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I used VHS to DVD 3 PLUS to digitalize and store on my hardrive 17 8mm home video tapes,

(119 GB or 32 hours.)

Is there a way to transfer these to DVD starting at the beginning and transferring until the DVD

is full and then inserting another DVD and filling it up and so on.

Otherwise it looks like I will have one full DVD and then one with about 4-5 mins on it for each

video file.



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Roxio uses a constant bit rate encoder at 9 plus mega bytes per second at high quality setting that means one hour play time per standard single layer DVD. Now this is for a compliant DVD Video to play on/in any set top DVD player.


Your 119GB even on a data disc will take approximately 29 single layer DVD's

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A new Twist in EVD 3 Plus though is the ability to SPAN discs during output...


This is done through the Record - Edit - Save portion.


You can pick the actual split points before burning and decide if you want to have the subsequent discs With or Without menus :)


I have dabbled with it but have never tried a single project of that magnitude :huh:


And as cd pointed out, you will still need about 30 discs to do the job :D

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