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File Names Or Artist And Title?

Earl Kiosterud


In the past, I've used programs like Click & Burn, Sonic, and some others to burn audio CDs. In all these programs, the file names appeared in the list of files to be burned in the program. Now I've bought Nero Burning Rom 2014 and found it shows only the Title, which I derives from the file name if it isn't in the file. I don't have such data (I'm burning my own audio, not copied/ripped stuff), and want to see my actual file names. How does Roxie Easy CD and DVD Burning behave in this regard? Can I see my file names? Thanks. Earl.

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Well, some of that is dependent on your file format. I would hope, since you're recording your own music, that you're working with .WAV files. In which case, the only thing Roxio has to work with is the file name, since (unless you're using the broadcast .WAV format) there is no place to embed "track name" or "album name" in the .WAV file. MP3 files have extra spaces built into the file format to allow for that sort of thing, but again, since that's a lossy format, I would hope that's not what you're using.


Anyway, if you are using .MP3 files, and you have information in the internal ID tags, Music Disc Creator (part of Creator Pro 2012, I don't have the version you're looking at) will use that information. If you don't have info in the internal ID tags, it will use the file name for the track name.


Does that help?

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