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Incorrect Song Titles Affects Running Order





This is my first post on this forum and I am a fairly advanced CD user. I own a copy of Easy CD and DVD burn but what has happened has surprised me. Even though when I burn in this program when I play the CDr what happens is the song gets order messed up. At first I thought that maybe it was only when I used Windows Media (because many of the songs were in the library) but this also happens when I play in the car. If the mp3 has a 001 for example that will be the song that it will play first. It ignores the .dmsa file that I created.


Any help is appreciated...



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"In Depth"???


This is a very simple one once you understand that there are 2 basic and completely different methods to make a disc... even more in NXT as it provides for DVD and BD :huh:


But the 2 for CD's depend on WHAT your player is capable of not what you want to happen -_-

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Not all "Players" play alike :lol:


??? a dmsa file is a Roxio Project file and has nothing to do with this.


An Audio CD will play in the Track Order you set before you Author the disc...


An "MP3 Disc" is merely a data disc and will play in the order the Player uses... a lot use alphabetical sort and numbers come first.


If you have one the ONLY solution is to choose the Option in the program to Rename files to assure play order ;)

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I am going to try burning an audio disc project instead of an .mp3 disc. Thanks for the tip but it is still unsolved as of now.


Everything is behaving as it should.

What is it you exactly you want to create? A data mp3 or a audio CD?

For a data MP3, they will most often play in alphabetical order and that is why it is recommended that all titles be prefixed by the xxx- prefix (001, 002 ,003 etc). The playback will then be in that numeric order.

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