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Liz Woolley

Variation Of 'no Disc Inserted' Problem - Windows 8.1


Unfortunately, having resolved installation problems, I now have a different issue. Sod's Law.


I can burn cds ok, provided that the music / data files are already on the computer. As soon as I put a blank cd in, Roxio recognises it as such. However, if I want to make a straight copy an audio disc, the program gets as far as making the image and then asking for a blank cd, but then won't accept the cd I put in, it just spits it out again.


I'm using Windows 8.1 on an Asus laptop, and not very technical. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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This thread is getting a bit old now but still very relevant. The issue is long running and surfaced with the release of Windows 8, subsequently 8.1, and may be linked more to the 64 bit versions. It started with Roxio Creator 2012 suffering MyDVD's burn phase not functioning, seemingly co-inciding with one of the Windows updates after the 8.1 release. Version 2012 did work on my Win 8.1 64 bit machine before some later Windows update caused version 2012 to not work in some of the burning functions. Those are described elsewhere in this forum. That incompatibility issue carried through to version NXT, and NXT2.



This forum already mentions two possible workarounds:

  • Try MyDVD functionality with an external DVD drive. That did work with a Samsung model SE-S084, returning full functionality for the burning phase in MyDVD. Notably inserting a disc launched Roxio Burn as it is supposed to do. These drives are not expensive and has to be the better solution.

  • Using MyDVD to create an ISO file, then the function Burn Disc Image does work, and does convert at least .wmv format video files to DVD video when burning to disc. A newbie to this would likely need someone who has at least some experience.


It can be said that MyDVD, Roxio Burn and other function involving a burn to disc phase has an issue recognising that there is a disc in the internal DVD drive, despite the fact that disc information can be displayed via Tools > Get Disc Information. This issue appears to be only with the before mentioned versions of Roxio Creator, since the Windows system and other burning programs apparently do not have this issue.


Using an external DVD drive generally means it is a USB connection, and the mainboard bus isn't the one used by SATA connected drives. I'm not an engineer but perhaps a clue is there.


Hope this helps.


Re the issue of a DVD drive spitting out the disc and saying insert another one. That is one of the consequences of MyDVD not functioning in the burn to disc phase. Sometimes that can be worked around, but maybe not in the situation described, by leaving the disc in the open drive tray and clicking Retry.

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I have never had the problem with W-8 or 8.1 x64 system running NXT Pro or NXT2 Pro.


Why that is I can't say but it doesn't effect every machine out there.


Comparing 2012 on a W-8 or 8.1 machine makes no sense because 2012 is not compatible with W-8 or 8.1 operating system.

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