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What Programs Can Edit Projects Made In 7.5?



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I made a project in 7.5 that i need to edit and recompile. What versions of products can do this?





Only EMC 7/7.5 can "edit" Emc 7.5 projects. None of the newer version are compatible with previous project files.


If your are talking about edition the actual video file "output" by EMC 7.5 then any video editing program can do this.

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Oh, crap... Vista and 8.1.


I wantd to re-process the video for two reasons.


1) I wanted to output in HD. (Does EMC 7.5 even allow that?)


2) I have one working DVD left (others have failures), but so far when I use "VOB2MPG v3" to rip the video and audio off of the disk, I get video, but no audio.


Any ideas? Doesn't anyone offer a converter for EMC 7.5 to later versions?




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I think Walt may have been thinking you'll need XP because 7.5 won't run under Windows 7.

Version 7.5 will run in Vista okay, or as okay as anything runs under Vista.




EMC 7.5 does not run properly under Vista, there is no point in really trying. Some parts may run but it will eventually crash

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