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Carl A

Making 3D Movies


Following the tutorial I click on Video movies; Create DVDs; Opens MyDVD; click on 3D then on DVD or AVCHD; then the drop down says "Anaglyph" and "Half-Width" (not RealD). I can make a red/cyan type 3Dbut not a side by side or any other type of 3D movie.

What am I missing here?

Windows 81. Pro with Media Center; AMD A10-5700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.4GHZ quad processor; 16 GB RAM; NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 video card with 2 GB RAM (Driver Ver. dtd 2/8/2014)

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What I get in half-width is the same as I get with the Anaglyph option. I get red/cyan 3D.


The tutorial that Roxio put out for Creating 3D has a picture of the page under paragraph 2 of Creating a 3D DVD in MyDVD that shows a dropdown for output under "DVD" or "AVCHD" with Anaglyph and RealD as options.


My output dropdown has options of Anaglyph and Half Width.


RealD, as I read it is used by 3D capable TV/Receiver/DVD-Blu-Ray systems and is not the red-cyan 3D my software makes. Maybe the tutorial is wrong or my idea as to what the output should be is wrong.[/size]

Carl A.

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As I recall, RealID was dumped somewhere along the line and the Tutorial was never updated...


It was here in my Creator 2011 Version but I do not have any note as to when that format was dropped :(



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The tutorial has not been updated and some things have changed! :( 3D has been dropped in favor of half width.


NXT 2 does not make it easy. I agree that you only have those to choices when you select from that DVD/AVCD dialog box. You can ignore that for now. Just open MyDVD and then go to the file choices


Are you starting with a 3D video? If not, you get a drop down to select 2d or 3d and a drop down from 3D that has many choices.

What format is the 3D video - analglyph, RealD, side by side/top bottom, etc.

After that I think it is sort of automatic. There doesn't seem to be a way of confirming what format is being written to the disc.


I have not used 3D lately so I haven't gone further than that.






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