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Program Won't Open



We recently needed to change our boot drive on the computer and reload the programs. For some reason, DVDit Pro HD will not open. When we click it, the initial bitmap pops on the screen for less than one second and then disappears. We receive no error message either...simply nothing upon this quick blink of the icon. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program but receive the same problem. We could use some help please



Mark Salloum

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Have you a security image of your old disk? If so, you must install your new disk with this image. It was my solution:. with the same number of partitions and the capacity for disk C: (systeme)!!!

When we activated DVDit! the server did a hidden file wlth many features. So the new disk has not this hidden file and DVit! don't open. If you don't have a security image: a) send an e-mail to Support asking Help (look at my post about DVDit!' Owner...) or b)change to another soft (Information to competitive software removed. You have a trial version ).



c) Also you can try this http://activation.ro...me/Default.aspx

but I am not sure if it works. Maybe...Good Luck!!!

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