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"installation Interrupted"



My installation problem is a bit different; but super frustrating. :angry:


I bought the hard copy product in the red box. Each time I try, I get through all the setup stuff and it begins to install... First few times it worked at it briefly then gave up "INSTALLATION INTERRUPTED" Seemed to make a log to figure out wha happend.


Tried again today, it acted like it was installing for a good long time and I thought WOO HOO it's going to work?!!! but no such luck. got SAME INSTALLATION INTERRUPTED message. This time it did NOT make a log .


Trying to figure out where to look here for help has been a horrible nightmare. I have a case number, but no one has ever contacted me to help.


CASE NUMBER = 02077832


Roxio used to be my favorite program for copying cds. I'm just about to give up. This has been crazy-making. Why is it so difficult to find an address to email someone here? Having to wade through miles of menus and questionnaires only to find I'm in COREL neverneverland and registering this and registering that and trying to retrace my steps to find where the blasted place is to put forth a complaint is crushing. I REALLY NEED TO BE ABLE TO COPY MY CDS for the seniors at church. waaaaaah....


Thanks in advance,

Katrina :wacko:

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am also finding it super difficult to get help from Roxio. Check spam multi-times each day. Have not gotten a code either. Did get the Welcome to Roxio family message. I was told I would get an email that 'splained what to do to alleviate the INSTALLATION INTERRUPTION glitch.


Step by step they said.


At this rate my 14 day free trial will run out.




thanks again,


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As far as intruding into someone else's conversation, I am truly surprised. I've never heard of this particular point of etiquette in a forum. Jeesh. I purposely looked through the thread and found things that matched my experience. Plus, you say I posted the same message twice; not so. You made it sound like I copied and pasted, wham blamm. It's too bad that you did not recognize the anguish and disappointment carried within.


As far as I could tell, this company had made it incredibly difficult to go through a maze of menus to even find where a customer is spozed to supplicate for assistance. How many gazillion posts are in here anyway? The way it looked to me, after struggling for hours trying to get help, my two little paragraphs would likely be lost in the shuffle.


I've been accustomed to a friendlier reception in forums. Guess those were the good old days before the world wide web.



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