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jana c

Cannot Record: Solid Green Screen


I just purchased the ROXIO EASY VHS to DVD for MAC and installed everything according to the manual. I think the program recognizes the USB device, but I get a solid green screen and cannot record anything. When I press "play" on the vcr it starts playing, but I do not detect a link to the computer and cannot see anything. I connected computer and usb-device by using a SCART-cable and Composite Video adapter. I installed this correctly in the Roxio settings. What am I doing wrong?



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I don't think you're doing anything wrong but for some reason the video is not being received by the USB device. There were some posts awhile ago about something to do with SCART that may apply in your case. Search the forum for SCART and you may find that thread. There is nothing that can be done on the computer other than to not plug in the device until after the application is launched and to be sure to plug it directly in to the Mac's USB port and not into a USB hub.

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