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Pausing Audio Clips And The Restarting


I am using Roxio NXT Pro 2. I created a photo slideshow in Roxio Creator using their Roxio Slideshow Assistant. I then bring the slide show into the Roxio VideoWave to enter in video clips. Here is what I am trying to do and I am hoping someone knows how to do this, assuming it is possible. I have created a photo slide show with Audio in it. It is just an mp3 file of a song. Now I am adding video clips to this slide show. What I would like to do is PAUSE the audio clip when the video starts, and then have the audio start again (Pick up from where it was paused) when the video is complete. I have several video clips that I will be inserting into this slide show. So I will need to do this multiple times. I have found a way to stop the audio clip when the video starts, but then I have to insert the audio clip after the video is complete, but the song starts back at the beginning. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!! I have been looking for a tutorial on this but no success as of yet....and I am new to this.

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You could output that slide show to a video file (like mpg2) and bring it back into Video Wave and split it where you want to insert the videos. This may be the easiest way.


You probably need to use Sound Editor to make the shorter audio clips to match the project. Extract or just place the audio into Sound Editor and split it into separate clips (or tracks) I can't remember which is which at the moment. Save them and then add them to the project,


There are other ways of doing this but they may be more than what you want to tackle. Let me know if the first thing select works.

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