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Irritating Mandatory Registration



I just bought a copy of Toast 7, and upon installation received a message to the effect that to make the product work correctly I would have to download a patch - which I can only do if I provide detailed personal information to Roxio.


Unbelievable. I simply cannot believe this company forces you to be added to a marketing list in order to make a product you've purchased and paid for work correctly.


This will be the last Roxio product *I'll* ever buy. To top it off, there's no way to email the company to complain. The only way I can let them know is waste time talking to some person outsourced to India via their live chat. Yeah, I'm sure that's going to do a lot of good.

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Maybe if more people purchase the product like you and didn't pirate it so much, this step wouldn't be needed.


I dunno, but I am utterly unimpressed with this website (no way to email; they have some automated "help" program that doesn't talk about Toast version 7; there seems to be no way to get an answer to a (very basic) question I have); and now they've substituted this message board as a way for us to help each other for free, rather than having to hire support staff.


I guess I just don't understand how turning off paying customers by making them furnish personal information makes a good business practice. I wouldn't mind companies knowing I'd purchased their products if I weren't then immediately deluged with daily emails trying to sell me crap I don't want. Then they sell your name to other companies, and *poof* there goes your email account, drowned in spam.

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