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Worst Support In The World

Very Unhappy customer


Hi, I had my PC crash and contacted your sales location who provided me a new Password and I downloaded my program - CREATOR 2011. However, it will not install and shows an error "Your system has not been upgraded" What does this mean and how do I fix it. My system is exactly the same - only the HDD is new. Thanks mfroberts@rocketmail.com

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This board is manned by us, your fellow customers not paid staff, so calling us "Worst support in the world" doesn't seem to be very encouraging for us does it?

You do seem to have been supported very well by Roxio's sales staff since I can't imagine any other company which would replace a lost password on some of their legacy software 3 or 4 years after you bought it. That's remarkable support!


However, having remarked on that let's put it aside because we're here to help you, not to argue with you. We'd like to support you further by fixing your problem.


Can you please tell us EXACTLY what the error message was? It looks a little like a system message saying that some part of the installation failed, the installer was rolling back, and the system was not updated. Could that be the message you saw?


If so, can you remember what it said had gone wrong, or do you have the log file we can examine to work this out for you please?




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As an aside, public forums like these are often trolled by various programs looking for e-mail addresses, such as the one you included in your original post. If you would like to avoid extra spam in your in-box, you might want to edit your post and remove your e-mail address. We'll gladly post here where you can find responses to your queries.

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