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Why's Nxt Pro 2 Only Sold On Roxio's Site?


I can't find it on NewEgg, Amazon, TigerDirect, ebay, buy.com, overstock, half.com, etc. :huh::glare::angry::angry2: WHY NOT?! WHY won't you allow these E-tailers to sell the Pro version of version 2? No offense, but the prices on there would be much better for the consumers than on your store site. It's just a little anti-free market if you ask me. As the standard version of NXT 2 is on ALL of those sites. But, I prefer the Pro version due to the Blu-Ray capabilities + the DVD player as well. Really greedy that you had to make such features ONLY available in a much more expensive Pro version that is ONLY sold on YOUR site. What's up w/that? :huh:

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This is a user board manned by customers, rather than a place where we can interface with Roxio management.


The answer could be that the owners of Roxio want to collect the profits from sales of the Pro version, rather than splitting them with resellers.

I think you should ask Roxio Sales that question rather than your fellow software users, since we can only guess.

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