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Weird Videowave Probs.



When I try to "Output", "Export As", & I choose "Video File", Purpose: "DivX", "NTSC", & for Vid file quality, I click on "New", & I choose "AVI", compression: "DivX Encoder", Frame Rate: "29.97 TRUE NTSC, Frame Size: "1920X1080", & I leave the audio for what it defaults to: MP3, 44100 Samps/sec, 16 bit, & stereo, & I click "Multipass encoding", & then when I click "OK", I get some error-NO error #. & the error says the following: "Please press the advanced button, & select your desired DivX options" WHAT???? There IS NO Advanced button! Not on this window, nor ANYWHERE in this prog! I've looked at EVERY button, & menu multiple times over the last 20 mins, & my skull is about to implode! :angry: PLEASE HELP & explain to me WHAT the prob/error is, & just WTH it's talking about! I am so confused, & this makes less than 0 sense to me! :unsure: Thanks.

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Just for my benefit, why are you trying to create a new template for DivX?


Did you read the help files? Especially this part-



Compression: Select the type of codec you want to use to compress and decompress the video clip. (Only codecs installed on your system display in this list.)


Note: Because a computer must have a particular codec installed in order to play a video clip encoded with that codec, you may want to select a codec that is more commonly found on most computers—otherwise, some users may not be able to play the video clip without first downloading and installing the codec to their computer. Indeo and Cinepak are popular codecs.


Depending on which codec you select, an Advanced button may appear in this dialog box. To further change settings for the codec you have selected, click Advanced. For more information on the dialog box that appears for the codec, contact the company that created the codec.

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