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Ps4 Records Only 480P And Glitchy Video


1-I bought Roxio GameCap HD Pro from Amazon. When I start capturing, it is "gliching" and i cant capture any video because of it.

2-When I plugged out the roxio, resolution was 720p, but when i plugged in the resolution decreases to 480p. I can't change the resolution because PS doesn't allow it.

I tried a lot of solutions, repair the program, change TV, change PC but all without success.

What can I do?


i7 4770K

ASUS ROG ARES II (ARES2-6GD5)( x2 7970)

ASUS P8Z77 Deluxe

Corsair 400R

Corsair CX750

8 GB Corsair XMS3 2x4 RAM

Second PC:

i7 870

HD 6790


Sorry for my bad, #$%\$ english :)

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No forum bug, if you hit Post, you are finished...


The Roxio GameCap captures in the resolution that is being sent to it!


Try a completely different Source, like a DVD or BD Player, using HDMI from that to the RGC Device.


See how that behaves ;)

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One thing I found out, with the PS4's recent software update which allows HDCP to be disabled, a direct connection of the PS4 to the RGC will let the resolution only go up to 1080i, not 1080p!

Personally I am using the Monoprice DVI-D to HDMI converter for 1080p, but I do have my share of problems.


If you do not use the work-around method, I suggest first connecting your PS4 to your TV directly and setting the resolution to 1080i, then, while the PS4 is on, connect it to the RGC and see if your problem persists. good luck!

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