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Ron Obvious

"custom" Audio Crossfade Prefs?




I've been using Toast since version 4. The issue I have is that what I especially like about Toast is when I assemble live albums. After mixing each song with extra head and tail fades, I can in toast do proper cross-fades and placing of the Start ID. This allows for a continous live performance, with proper track ID's. I'm using Version 11.2 on a Mac with Mavericks 10.9.3


Three problems: (Two screen shot - Attachments below)


1. Why is there no "Pref" to keep the [Equal Power] button 'ON". Actually it should just stay the way you last left it. Can this be done on the next "fix". This should be so simple.


2. On the new Toast 11 the [Magnify Slider] now always defaults to the left. I.E. All the way out. Up until this version, it use to default to near the middle. Now on each song I need to first slide the magnification to the right. This is very irritating! Again the slider should just STAY the way you left it on the last [CUSTOM] Cross Fade.


3. In the Crossfade Preview - pref. You can see I've set these to 2 sec in and 2 sec out. When I open the custom crossfader box. It stays at about 10 seconds in and out. There is something very wrong here.


Please let me know if there is anywhere within the app I can change these three items.



Ron O. Vermeulen

Technical Director

Dragonfly Mobile Recording

Gimli, MB





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