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Connecting Speed To Router


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Just curious about how long it should take for a computer to recognize a router that is connected by ethernet cable? Operating in Win 7 OS and the computer is connected to a Linksys WRT160n-v3. After boot-up has completed, the computer takes about 40 seconds to connect. This seems rather long considering that the computer is hard-wired to the router. I am pretty certain that my laptop connects wirelessy at a faster rate. So does the iPad.

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Have a look at your LAN connection in Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings,




Right-click on Local Area Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 and click the Properties button




You'll see a box like this




Your wireless devices have the connection parameters written in when you first set up the connection, but with wired connections people often leave this box set to 'obtain addresses automatically' on their computer, rather than supplying the router address [default gateway] and other addresses listed.


This means that computer always has to negotiate those addresses with the router, while the wireless devices connect straight up.

I haven't used a router of your model, but I wonder if it would connect faster if you filled in the appropriate IP addresses in your TCP/IPv4 properties box, rather than making the devices negotiate them.




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Thanks Brendon for the response.


You're correct that when the router was setup, it was set to "Obtain an IP address automatically. The IP addess, Subnet mask and Default gateway boxes were blank. The "Obtain DNS server address automatically", was also selected, hence the boxes were blank.


Obtained the necessary information after typing cmd and entering ipconfig/all. Entered the info. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Could not connect to MSN, which is my homepage. Let the computer repair the connection and the connection was made. Went back to Local Area Connection Properties>Networking>Properties and found that the setup reverted to its former settings. I guess the ISP doesn't like specific settings.


Thanks anyway for you help.

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