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Misc Issue



When I downloaded EASY CD, I recieved several unwanted problem programs.

There is no way to remove them!!!!!!!!

ROXIO can't be contacted for help.

I have to uninstall the product and take it to a computor repair store

to have it cleaned.


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There have been several Roxio suites which have through inertial installing, pushed the user toward using using various browsers, etc., however the current version of Easy CD & DVD Burning [version 14] does not have anything like that. I just installed it again on a fresh Windows to be sure.


If you now have "Yahoo, several search engines that wont die or uninstall, registry pro etc." they didn't come from a Roxio installer. It sounds like your system may not have been secured with a good antivirus and firewall. What is the full name of this 'Registry Pro" ?




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Yes there has been some Pain in the A.. things over time, but nothing like what you are seeing :huh:


I have had a couple of those recently with other programs I installed but these are self inflected rather than than security issues! I my case, it was just because I was not paying close attention to what was 'pre-approved' :lol:


But provide the info asked for on these and we should be able to help you get them off your PC ;)

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Nice RANT, can you give any specifics???


"Easy CD" narrows it down to perhaps 20 different products over the years :huh:


"...unwanted problem programs" A standard Windows Function is to put the Name of the Program in the Title Bar at the top of the Parent window. Knowing where to look, you can now tell us what these Programs are called and what issues you are having with them ;)


Some things are part of the Suite and not removable. A few Suites have optional add-ons and can be removed at install or anytime thereafter. Once you supply the details we can better advise you -_-

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