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Jacques Rene




I have been a photoshow user for about 10 years and I have currently 108 photoshows online.


I use to be able to upload small video clips to my photoshows but I am unable to do so now.


My video clips meet the posted requirements of size and format and I am very frustrated that I cannot do things that I was able to do previously.


Could you explain to me what to do to be able to upload video clips with my photoshows.


I have in the past few days been charged $40 for my premium subscriptions.and I expect the site to work!


Your cooperation in this matter will be much appreciated,


Jacques Rene

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Jacques, Remember we are NOT Tech Support.


The program is broken and will probably not be fixed. You have two choices.


1) Cancel you membership and get your money back or

2) Download the desktop version, make you PhotoShow with it and then upload to the site. That does work and is actually faster than trying to make it online (without videos). The desktop version does not work with MAC computers.


By the way, this has been discussed in other posts, it could have saved you time to read those rather than posting the same thing again -- which will not change the answer.

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To all!


Thanks for having tried to help me with the uploading of video clips.


I got in touch with Corel, which seems to be in charges of support for Photoshow/Roxio?


I got pretty confused with all the emails/phone calls and advices I received.


However, I retried to upload again and was successful to upload an avi clip to a test photoshow using XP and Windows 8.

I tried Windows 7 but it told me that I should download the latest Adobe Flash Player, which I did and this resulted in installing many malwares on my wife PC but not the right Flash Player. I gave up and will retry soon!


I do not have the time or a need to investigate uploading video clips any further, so I will wait until I have a need and try again at that time.


Thanks for your concerns and help,


Jacques d'Ixelles

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