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Installation Interruption





So i was having troubles because my roxio game capture program had the red no signal




so i was following directions i found on one of these forums of trying to repair it and try it and if not the delete and re-install the application.


Now, it wont let me re-download the roxio game capture application because i keep getting a "installation interruption"




(sorry for the double screen i just hooked up my laptop to a second monitor today)


i really just want this all over with so i can finally record my xbox games.

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i fixed how to download it but i cant get rid of this no signal!




PLLLEEEAAASSEEE!!!! Any help i really wanna start recording!


Thanks in advanced!


BTW, the term is install, not download. You download, from the internet. You install programs on your computer.

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the "also i restarted my computer and cleaned the disk and it worked" was for the installation interruption


Ah! ;)


re-read Post #5 (ignore the part about install), the device is still not receiving any valid signal from your game box.


What is your game box anyway?

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You picture shows me wires going in & wires going out, but no real info :huh:


But that might be enough for a guess ;) The Red, 'No Signal' indicates all it well with your Roxio install/software and your Device...


It is just not getting a valid signal from your Game Box!


So for that, check the settings and pick one like 720 or 1080 but do not set it to Auto!


Curious... How did you resolve the Install Interrupted???

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