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Burning Avi/Divx to DVD with subtitles, HELP pls!


Hello everyone.


I hope im in the right place here to get some help on this :)


I am trying to use toast 7 to burn some avi/divx files to dvd. however, i also have seperate subtitle files which i would like to include in the burn, so that when you play the dvd, it has subs as well....


just to be clear, i am trying to make a dvd format disk, so not a data disk with the avis on them. i really want to burn this for dvd players.


my 1st question is, is this possible at all?


and if it is, can anyone tell me how to do this?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Toast does not support external subs. You have to use other software to hardcode the subs into your divx files, then use Toast to burn it to DVD.

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AFAIK the only way to hardcode subs into a pre-existent AVI file is to re-encode it which will further degrade the quality. As you're intending to convert the AVI to DVD MPEG-2 anyway, your best bet would be to follow this tutorial and then burn the resulting VIDEO_TS folder with Toast.


If you encounter problems you should direct them to this forum.


I've used ffmpegX to convert AVI->DVD in the past and the quality was more than acceptable. I've also attempted to make SVCD->DVD conversions in the past and have encountered an issue where the video would cut to black at a late point in the novie while the audio track kept playing. I believe this was to do with QuickTime's 4 gig filesize limit. During the conversion process a single MPEG file is created prior to being cut into 1 gig VOB's and it's this file that can reach 4 gigs in size. If the problem still exists I recommend you select a size below 4 gigs in the Video pane of ffmpegX (in the Bitrate calculator).

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