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Please Help. What Can I Do To See The Whole Screen Of The Creator Nxt 2 When It Opens? Can I Change The Size Someplace?

Kathy B.


Does anyone have a solution or suggestion for this problem: When I open the creator NXT 2 program, it is too large on the screen and I cannot see all the choices, nor how much room is on the disc I am trying to drag files into. I can't even see the green arrow I know is suppose to be in the lower right corner of the screen. I just purchased this program a few days ago, and installed it yesterday.

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Hello Kathy,


There is a display setting in Windows called DPI or Dots Per Inch. Typically this is set for 96 dots per inch.


If you have yours set for a different figure you can make a program's user interface too big to display on your screen.


You need to locate your setting and re-set it to 96 dpi. You didn't say which version of Windows you have, but there are instructions for Windows 7 and 8 here



. . . and for Windows XP here





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