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Install Interupted




I am Unsuccessful in installing Creator NXT 2 and the installation is interrupted. The log shows a problem with a product by the name of EMCROX which apparently is incompatible. The installer can't find it to remove it? I tried a search for it, and no luck.

my purchase date is 6/18/2014. my number is xxxxxxxxxx. I can download the log. Any help would be appreciated.


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I don't get any valid hits on "emcrox"???


Would you cut a past that section starting about 6 lines before and after that entry. That will help us 'see' the context ;)


Did you disable/turn off any Anti Virus and Firewalls before starting the install?


And confirm that you are installing with an account that has Administrator Privileges?

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I got the same message: installation is interrupted. I ran setup as administrator, fw and av disabled.



07/01/14 10:25:38 - Action InstallActions.EMC_14X.Install return code: 0

07/01/14 10:25:38 - Action InstallActions.EMC_14X.Install is Sync

07/01/14 10:25:38 - Attempting to determine the version of MSI.DLL

07/01/14 10:25:38 - Action InstallActions.EMC_14X.Install has SyncHandle not equal NULL.

07/01/14 10:25:38 - Repairing Package: '{91D0E387-531E-4175-AC5A-0AB3724CD4B3}', with Properties: 'REBOOT=ReallySuppress REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALMODE=eums INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT 2\" MPI_SUITE_ID={F6514099-C638-4F5D-878B-E1C68875B0E6}'

07/01/14 10:29:06 - Execution of Windows Installer package '{91D0E387-531E-4175-AC5A-0AB3724CD4B3}' finished with exit code = 1603

07/01/14 10:29:06 - Updating install progress: 7 / 10, (null)

07/01/14 10:29:06 - Action InstallActions.EMC_14X.Install failed with exit code 1603.

07/01/14 10:29:06 - Installation failed with error code 1603

07/01/14 10:29:06 - Rolling back installation

07/01/14 10:29:06 - Caught cancelation exception while running install actions

07/01/14 10:29:06 - Updating install progress: 7 / 10, Preparing to roll back...


br Reijo

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I bet you had your antivirus active during the first install. :( How many times have you used the key? You have a limited number of times.


My suggestion/your choice. Download and install the free REVO Uninstaller and uninstall the program using the MODERATE mode ONLY. Turn off your antivirus and reinstall to a moderator account.


Get rid of any Registry Cleaners. Some of them will delete needed .dll entries. and none of them really do any good.


Let us know how you make out.

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I have installed 8 times so far. I use Avira antivirus. I made one installation with real time protection off (but related services still active) but got the same error. Should I don't know how to stop Avira running.


I can't benefit REVO now since creator is not installed now and REVO does not find Creator(because I get this error). I have never used any registry cleaner program

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Try Revo Uninstaller Pro - it is a free trial also. Use forced uninstall also in Moderate Mode (only).. You are running of of installs. You may have to get Roxio support to reset your count.


Contact Avira on how to temporarily disable the antivirus.

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