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Help In How To Change Jpeg Video File From Ntsc To Pal



New to iMac and Toast11 Titanium! MAC OSX ver 10.9.3 & Toast Titanium 11 is ver 11.2


I have made two video files using imovie, one is video from my cam recorder and one with jpeg photos from iPhoto library, with music tracks from iTunes.


Both video files were burnt to a DVD using Toast, the video only file played correctly on dvd player, while the jpeg photo video file did not play on the dvd player. The message displayed before burning, read "You are about to create a disc with mixed PAL and NTSC content" The jpeg video file is set for NTSC, the burning Toast file information reads Video H.264/AVC 1920x1080, 29.97fps. I cannot work out how to convert this file to PAL: 25fps. Grateful for advice on this,


Many thanks,


Goff (UK)

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Hi, A little more info, from reading previous forum answers to the NTSC / PAL desired format I can confirm that the Toast preference is set to PAL. By placing only the jpeg photo video file into the Toast burn area and then saving as a disc image resulted in the file converted to PAL and burning/playing as a dvd successfully. As yet I have not had success with both formats being placed into Toast and a disc image being made of the NTSC photo video file. I will continue to explore the forum and experiment to achieve mixed formats being converted to just PAL. Any advice much appreciated. Goff

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