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Dv To Toast 11 Aspect Ratio Changes To 4:3



Hello, I have just purchased toast 11 titanium. I come from using toast 8 titanium. My Workflow in the past was to capture DV footage(Final cut express), export the DV quicktime and Burn a DVD in toast. I had to export a quicktime conversion in FCE to make the DV 720x480(853x480) anamorphic 16:9 so that quicktime and Toast would recognize this aspect ratio.


I now use FCPX to capture the DV footage. and Toast 11 to burn the DVDs. I can export any file format 16:9 and quicktime recognizes it 16:9 BUT when I export a DV file, Toast 11 recognizes it as 4:3 not 16:9. There is no quicktime conversion in FCPX but FCPX exports the file correctly 720x480(853x480).


I'm really confused on how to go about making toast 11 recognize the DV file as 16:9 considering toast 8 would do this....


ps. The reason i want to export DV is because the quality seems better, the Interlacing doesn't seem so obvious.

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