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Ripping Multidisc Audio Book: File Name/number Problem

Lynn Lynn


This is a workflow issue. If I select "rip CDs" and point to a specific destination folder on hard drive, I see that the resulting MP3 files, for successive discs, have duplicate names as far as the first seven characters. E.g., after ripping the first two disks, the names of the first two mp3 files are" 01 - 01_Penguin . . . " and "01 - 01_It happened . . . " The whole names of the chapters are unique, but they cannot be sorted in correct order by any technique. They could be reordered manually, of course, but the workflow would be horrible.


It would be possible, very tediously, to rename all of the 157 tracks after they have been converted to MP3 on the hard drive, so that they would sort correctly, before burning to an optical disk or transferring to an ipod. This would require noting the origical chapter names of all 157 chapters, setting up a renaming scheme that would have to be performed manually.


Or so it seems to me. I may be overlooking some simple process for having the 157 chapters on 12 discs rip in a way that would correctly order them onto the hard drive.?


For a single music CD, the workflow would be manageable,but for 12 discs with 13 "cda" files each, it is too much for me.


Because many people might want to convert a multidisc audio book to a single disc MP3 CD, or an ipod, there may be a simple workflow process already available. But I do not know about it.


What solutions are there?

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Can you give another couple examples of the file names after they're ripped? What characters do the second and third tracks start with?


If they continue with a "disc - track#" type of convention:


01 - 01 ....

01 - 02 ....

01 - 03 ....


Then you could rip each disc to it's own folder open up a command prompt, and go through each folder in order and rename them as such (assuming we doing the second disc now):


ren "01 - *.*" "02 - *.*"


Which will rename all the files in the folder to start with "02".

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I presumed, incorrectly, that the listing of my hardware and software at the bottom of my post would be enough to reveal "NXT Pro" as my version. Actually is it NXT Pro 2. I must have forgotten how to revise that listing, and even though it is off-topic, I could use baby-step instructions on how to do so.


I have begun using "batch convert and save." Probably because the commercial audiobooks place track numbers as part of each track name, as the first three characters -- or at least in the one I am dealing with -- There are still some file name changes I need to make. I have a utility that can batch rename, and it seems that I cannot avoid manual--although batch-- renaming, to allow sorting in correct order.


But because many people would want to achieve converting bunch of audiobook discs to a single MP3 disc, I thought that there would be a really simple workflow.


Perhaps there is a way to inhibit the "01_" and "02_" etc from being placed at the front of each track name for each track file.


I must be missing something.


Attached is a Windows Explorer listing. Never mind the discs that I have not finished redoing, because I misapplied batch renaming on them

bully Pulpit.pdf

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I don't think you're missing anything. It looks to me like the file names may be actually in the CD Information on the disc, but I only guess that based on the consistency of the names across discs.


I'm honestly not seeing a really simple way to do what you're wanting to do while ripping them. I figured out how to get the file name to have the disc number in front of it, but Batch Convert and Save doesn't update the track name in the MP3 tag data based on the file name.


I'm a little disappointed with that, but nope... I'm not seeing a way of doing it except by the "post processing" way you're doing.

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