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No Video Signal

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I just purchased this product. I installed it on my computer and then restarted my computer like it asked. I then plugged everything into the proper slots. I can see that the USB is pluged into my USB slot. But I can't go any further because its saying no video signal. I've attached a screen shot of the error. Please help me figure this out!! Thanks!


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IF you actually did everything right, it would work... so now we have to sort out what isn't right -_-


Describe your PC in detail, like I have in my signature block.


With the device unplugged, open your Device Manager (Win-Pause then the upper left corner) and expand Sound, Video and Game Controllers.


Now plug in the Device.


It should look like this:




If there are ANY exclamation marks, post a screen cap of them.


Lastly, make and model of your VHS.

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Thanks Lauren, looks like the Drivers are correctly installed...


The PC info would be helpful too.


I looked up the manual for your DVD/VCR Player to make sure that there wasn't a setting you have to change to force the output (mine has that) but I did not see any.


Also like some detail as to HOW you are connecting the VCR to the Video Capture device? (S-Video or RCA Yellow, composite)

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My PC is a HP pavilion all in one model #: MS225


as far as connecting, I have both the S-Video or RCA Yellow, composite and both give the same error


Unplug the S-Video connection and use all 3 cables of the composite. See if that works.


Or, use the S-video connection and the red and white audio cables of the composite. You can't have both the yellow video plug, and the S-video plug plugged in, at the same time.

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