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Roxio Does Not Recognize Wav Files Created In Cubase Daw


Hi - I use Cubase 6 Lite to create a radio program.


I have until now always been doing a final mix of the show in cubase and then a conversion of the finished show to mp3 using a very old copy of Roxio Easy Media Creator, both programs Cubase and Roxio running on an old XP machine. It all worked flawlessly. I produce my radio program in cubase, export a mix of the show to a WAV file, fly that into Roxio and do some global edits and then convert to mp3 in Roxio and send out to the radio station.


I have recently switched to a Windows 7 machine and purchased Roxio Easy CD and DVD ( red box )

to have access to the Roxio Audio Editor, but the audio editor won't see the WAV files cubase creates.


It tells me the WAV file is not a supported format. Whaaaat?


Cubase is working perfectly. Windows 7 machine is fine.

What is up with Roxio that it doesn't see the WAV files?


For the moment I am using iTunes to convert to mp3, but I want to use Roxio so I can edit.

I could edit in Cubase but Roxio is simpler.


Why doesn't Roxio see the WAV files created in Cubase 6 Lite?


Thanks, Carl

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What are the specs on the Cubase .WAV files? Sample rate, sample size, channels...? Easy CD and DVD (red box) is more particular (limited) in what files it will accept, I think.

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.... and what audio card do you have. High quality cards (like MAudio) have been known to cause issues because of high bit rate.

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