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Usb Loose



ok guys so im back in need of help or advice, was capturing earlier like i have been for 2 months and my dog pulled the usb cable and didnt pull it out but ripped the end of my HDMI cable, now the thing is the usb sits in the slot and i sorted out my HDMI problem but now i feel that the usb is very very loose like i can wiggle it from side to side no loss of picture but if it gets pulled maybe an inch out maybe not even that i can loose picture



so my question is should it be that loose or has the dog desroyed the usb slot aswell? i tried a second usb cable thats the same and that has the same problem aswell

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USB Male B Connector is less than a half inch in length and its' shortest Data contacts are about 3/32 inside...


With the RGC they have always been a bit 'loose fitting' when you wiggle them.


IF it were mine, I would just make sure the connection was supported and stable and explain to Wolfy, that my PC equipment is not a chew toy :lol:

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