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Create Video File Stops With "unable To Build Render Graph"

Roy H


When exporting output from Creator NXT 2, clicking the Create Video File button

results in a pop-up box with the message "ERROR Unable to build render graph".

I can't output any work from NXT2. Creator 2011 worked just fine with the same .mpg files.

Any answers?

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Yes! But it can be elusive! One case found they did not have permission to write to that folder. Change privileges fixed it.


Other things to try would be a proper repair:


First thing to do is to turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc.


Now insert your Roxio Disc.


Be sure you accept the offer to Check for Updates (this is for Roxio, not Windows)


When you reach the screen where
is offered, choose that!


When the Repair competes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.


Lastly you may need to pre-render your clips in VideoWave (Export As) before using MyDVD...

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Went through the repair scenario outlined by Jim. Tested TV/VCR, DVD and HD file formats, all with same "unable to build render graph" result. Tried re-installing the Roxio Blu-ray Burner Plug-in and that made no difference. The 2 input files are mpeg-2 video at 1920X1080 about 12 minutes each and VideoWave edits the two files together just fine. Just can't output the edited result. I've tried burn a blu-ray, then a DVD, then tried disk image only; but still same result. I use an admin account, so didn't think privileges would be an issue. Any suggestions on where to look next?

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There may be more but I only have three suggestions.


1) Update the drivers for your video chip/card.

2) Reinstall MSXML . Read this (link).

3) Try other videos to make sure the ones you are working with are not corrupt.


In case you miss the message sent to you from CD, please do not use "Report to Moderator". In this case it is used to report abusive or other undesirable behavior.

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NVidia GTX660 SC Sig2 running latest whql release of graphics drivers.

Uninstalled all Roxio software.

Re-installed MSXML (both V4 SP3 and V6)

Re-installed Creator 2011. Tested with same files. No issues outputting to hard disk file in any format.

Creator 2011 doesn't burn Blu-ray (that I know of. If it does, let me know how.)

I think this testing likely eliminates the rest of the system as error source (I know, no guarantees.)

Preparing to remove Creator 2011 and re-install Creator NXT2 (without Blu-ray plug-in)

Will test with New Project. If OK will add Blu-ray Plug-in and test again.

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Depends on level. Creator 2011 does burn blu ray but you may need to have the Pro version to do so. I just don;t remember


I looked and there was a plug in for blu ray. Did you buy it and do you have it stashed somewhere on your computer?

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My Creator 2011 is not the PRO version.

Yes, bought and downloaded the Plug-in for NXT 2.

Safely stashed on sys and on backup media.

Preliminary testing with NXT 2, new project, different files (short 720X480 files) worked fine.

Next is original files, new project; then, if OK, add Blu-ray plug-in and repeat tests.

Will reply again after finish testing.


PS: How are system descriptions below message content loaded? I really am a newbie at forums and message boards.

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Well, everything seems to be working now. All tests successful. :)

There are three differences from the problem environment.

First, built a new project and used it.

Second, re-installed MSXML and added Service Pack 3 to v4

Third, re-installed NXT 2 and Blu-Ray Plug-in.

While I don't know for sure the cause of the problem, I tend to think it was a corrupted Project file.

Thanks for all your help. I can now edit and output hi-def video and write it to Blu-Ray.

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