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Verification questions



Hello all, and thanks for making this such a great resource.


I have a question about verification with Toast 7.


I prefer to have verification on when I burn so that I can feel more secure in my burns, but I have noticed the following behavior with my mac mini.


If I leave verification on, the disc will burn and then verify. But it seems the mac will not go to sleep on its own. It seems that the disc verificaton windows verification dialog box prevents the mac from going to sleep. I can't start the burn and leave with the with the knowledge that my mac will go to sleep on its own.


To combat that, I turned on the eject disc after burning option. My assumption was that Toast would burn and eject the disc and give me some sort of notification of what the results were.


But as far as I can tell, Toast just ejects the disc after verifcation with no notice of how the burn went, whether or not the disc verified correctly or not.


Am I wrong in observing this behavior? Does Toast keep a log of burn verifications anywhere? What's a better solution to this problem?


I would love it if Toast kicked out the disc, went to sleep, and let me know what the exact results of the burn were.



Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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If there is a problem during verification, you will get an error. If there is no problem, no error.


Thank you, that is the confirmation I was hoping for, and as a bonus, is in line with my expectations for how the program should work.


Your reply was very prompt and covered what I was looking for.

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