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Another No Signal Topic This Time With Upscaler



Alright So I have been searching the forum now for about a week trying to figure this out. I have got far but not far enough so I need a little help. I got the Roxio HD Pro and when I first installed it I had no problems. I could record my Retron 5, and PS3 with no problems. After doing some streams with the retron I wanted to hook up some older systems. Found out I could not run Av Cables and that I needed to buy a Upscaler if I wanted to get anywhere with this. So after searching my house for a vcr or something to work I went out and got a HDMI to Av Upscaler. Now today it comes and I am all ready to finally record some Dreamcast play. Well that did not work. Basically I can hear and some what see the screen in the Roxio software. The screen is flickering jumping anything not to work. Adjusting the settings does nothing but makes video disappear or stay the same. I figured it was the upscaler but if I bypass the Roxio and go to the tv I get video with no problems. Go back to the Roxio and its the same thing No Signal. Well maybe its the dreamcast switched that out with a gamecube and same thing. So I am out of things to do. Any help will be great. If i switch back to Retron, or PS3 everything is fine. So Here is the steps I have done and maybe someone can see what I am missing. I just know its going to be something dumb at this point.


Dreamcast did not work av to hdmi

hdmi Upscaler order and nothing

Bypass The Roxio and get video

Re-installed software 2 times

Checked Drivers, Updates, Services

Driver and software is up to date says the program

Services have been changed from manual to Automatic

Changed cables

Changed USB ports

Changed systems




Computer Specs

Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

8gb ddr3 ram

AMD Tripple Core

GTX 275

Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Build 101B35A ENU

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Which upscaler do you have? (Make/Model)


What is it set to output?


I took just a quick look, and one that I saw outputs in either 720p or 1080p. If you have yours set to 1080p, that won't work because the Roxio Game Capture HD unit will only go up to 1080i. So try setting the output of your upscaler to 1080i (if it supports it) or 720p/i and see if that fixes your problem.

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The upscaler is a Tmvel HDMI2RCA and works fine with everything but the roxio. It does have a switch for 720 and 1080. I have tried both. I really do think that this upscaler just does not work with the roxio just wanted to make sure I check everything I could. Does anyone know of a upscaler that does work and has been tested?

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So.... After doing some more testing I have found another problem The Roxio may be broken..... Or there is a file problem I am not sure. The roxio was working before I have reinstalled windows 8 a couple days ago and have not tested it other then messing with this dreamcast. Well I was going to do some streaming of the retron 5 today and pops up with no problems I hit start capture and it says capturing but the time and file size is not moving. So I stop and play back and there is nothing. So i uninstalled and redid the system with the update install. same problem so i uninstalled and did it again with out update same problem. So is it the Roxio or my computer?

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