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Hi, I am having the exact same problem. I can get sound great, but no video signal. 1st i tried my VHS using the composites, but only sound came out during testing. Then i tried my DVD recorder using the same connection & sound was working fine but no video signal. I have a HP Pavilion DV5.


It's been tested on a Sharp video recorder & a Sony DVD Recorder.

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Well as soon as i posted my previous comment, the most amazing thing happened. I did the following: STARTED AGAIN


Step 1: Closed roxio application/unplugged USB

Step 2: Connected the composites like before to the dvd recorder

Step 3: I reopened Roxio application

Step 4: Pressed record, import, edit button

Step 5: I connected USB

Step 6: Played DVD


Now straight away the sound came on & took about 5 seconds for the video to appear but this time it worked. Now i have tried my VHS right after by keeping everything connected apart from switching the composites over from DVD into VHS & it worked also. I don't know why after 3 hours of trying that it finally worked but im going to keep doing everything the same way as i did my steps & hopefully i should have no problems. I hope this helps. :D

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