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Saving Video Files. Converting Mp4?



Hello! New to roxio and toast 11 titanium. After my mini dv handy cam crapped the bed two weeks ago I've been thrust into the digital world of camcorders. I can't believe how difficult they have made this. After battling iMovie and horrible video quality for over a week, I bought Toast. Finally, quality video and it's easy to do! Now, I know DVD isn't the way to go for long term video file storage. I tried to drag video out of toast and onto my desk top so I could drag it into a flash drive, but no luck. So I put the memory card directly into my Mac mini, clicked on the desk top icon for the mem card, searched around the folders until i found little video thumb nails of my video clips and I dragged them onto my desk top. I noticed something different, a MP4 label in the file names. Just for the heck of it, I dragged those mp4 files into toast and burned another disc and the quality was terrible again. Just when I thought I finally had this all figured out. What can I do so that the files I store aren't poor quality? Can Toast do anything to help? I want to store my video files in the best possible quality. Any help would be great! Thanks.

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Toast has an AVCHD Archive option in the Video window for creating as-shot archives of video from a HD camcorder to a set of burned discs. Your camcorder also should come with some software or guides about copying the video to a hard drive for storage. The only reason you should see lower quality when burning a disc in Toast is if you are making a standard-definition video DVD from a HD video source, or if you used Toast's convert window to export a copy at a lower resolution.

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