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Unable To Burn- Help!


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Help! My son has a project due tomorrow and I'm unable to burn the DVD. We have tried a DVD- and a DVD+ disc.


It keeps saying "insert burnable disc". My E Drive says it is a CD/DVD-RW Drive. When I go to "Tools" then "options" then "DVD/CD Settings" it says to "select the recording speed for each recordable drive" and it lists "DVD + RW" . It isn't even highlighted to try to change the drive. This seems conflicting. We have used this program to burn before...


I appreciate any help!




Edit- I just checked my device manager and it shows a CD/DVD+RW. Then I went to "My COmputer" and rightclicked on my DVD Drive and clicked on Properties, and that also shows a DVD+RW Drive.


I keep trying to burn on a DVD+RW Disc and it keeps telling me to "insert burnable disk". Anyone have any clue as to why.


I'm going to post this on the VideoWave site, also...since we tried that, too.

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