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I am new to video editing etc so apologise if this seems a simple question.


I have 4 mp4 files and would lie to create a single file from them. It can be in.avi or anything, it is just so that I can burn it to a DVD and my young daughter can watch it.


Many thanks

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Your 'question' begs many more :lol:


You posted in the NXT2 forums, is that the software you actually have?


WHAT is the output you want??? What does your young daughter have to view these DVD on?


~~~ DVD is media, it can be written as DATA which is usually viewable only by PC's... (italics indicate there can be exceptions ;))


~~~ There are also DVD Movies, which are Authored by this software Suite. These are playable on ALL DVD and BD Players and most PCs.


Also what is the total LENGTH of play for these files?


Answer those and we can advise you on what might be the best way to go for your situation -_-

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